The World’s Top 12 Instagrammed Buildings

If Instagrammable wasn’t a word before, it definitely is now. Welcome to 2017! We’re always inspired by architecture and design (obviously) and we could go on and on about the world’s best cathedrals, museums, retail spaces, the importance of durable paint and scrub ratings … but what *really* matters today is if a project is Instagram-worthy, right? If your building isn’t a popular backdrop on the ‘gram, does it even exist?

This is a little extreme, but just roll with us on this.

Check out the Top 12 Instagrammable Buildings below.

12 Sagrada Família

11 The Acropolis


10 Taj Mahal

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9 Empire State Building

Hanging out of a helicopter over the Empire State Building! TRAVEL GOALS! #seizetheholiday

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#EmpireState 🏙

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8 The Colosseum

7 Burj Khalifa

Downtown Dubai #burjkhalifa 📷:@sebastian_t1000

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6 Notre Dame Cathedral

Au Revoir to Paris, if I stay longer I’ll fall more in love and never leave ✨

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5 Big Ben

LAST STOP: London. 🚂 #London #BigBen #England

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4 Disneyworld / Cinderella’s Castle

3 The Louvre

By the Louvre 🎨

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2 The Eiffel Tower

1 Disneyland / Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

My fav place ever 🙌🏽☀️🎡🎢🏰 #Disneyland #disneycaliforniaadventure

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How Can Any Piece of Architecture and Design Compare?

It’s pretty hard to compete with the likes of the Eiffel Tower and the Colosseum, but we can all aspire to create something worthy of the ‘gram.

It’s impossible to design a building today with as much historical importance as the Acropolis, but you can design beautiful interior spaces meant to last and watch as they become insta-famous. Sketch London is one of my favorite examples of this.

Sketch’s Gallery room is a hotspot on Instagram due to it’s beautiful millennial pink interior. With lush velvet pink seating and a splash of pink paint as a backdrop to the plethora of artwork hanging on the walls (it’s not called the gallery without reason), it’s easy to see why this makes a popular backdrop for all the insta-famous fashion bloggers, models and travelers alike.

Maybe you’re not going to create the next Colosseum (we hope not, anyway) but you can make yourself a beautiful insta-worthy interior with some beautiful accent lighting, statement making paint and lush seating.