1. Why should I use Scuffmaster instead of regular latex or epoxy paints?
    You'll get better performance than regular latex epoxy paints with a product that's waterbased, LEED compliant, easier to use and much better looking.
  2. Where can I purchase Scuffmaster Paint?
    Distributor Info Click here to see who distributes Scuffmaster in your area.
    1 800 898 0219 Call us to speak with a Client Services representative.
  3. What’s the best way to contact Scuffmaster?
    CustomerCare@mastercoating.com to email orders or inquiries.
    1 800 898 0219 to speak with a Client Services representative.
  4. How quickly can you send us samples?
    Stock samples are available the next day. Custom color matches take three to five days.
  5. I tried scrubbing some Scuffmaster samples and they didn't hold up well. Why?
    The difference is Masterlink, a performance additive that is mixed with the paint when it's installed. We don't add Masterlink to our color samples but we can provide you with some samples that have the Masterlink additive in them. You'll like what you see.
  6. Are all the finishes spray applied? Do you need special training? Is it complicated?
    No, Scuffmaster requires no special training to apply. ScrubTough is applied like any other eggshell and EnviroMetal can be brushed or rolled. Written instructions ship with each order and there are applications videos available online. Easy as pie.
  7. Are there any minimums or up-charges for customs?
    Nope. And the turnaround time for customs is just 3-5 business days.
  8. If we run out in the middle of a job, how quickly can we get more paint?
    Let us know by 3:00 cst and we'll get it to you the following day.
  9. Are all of your colors on your website?
    Nope. Our site features some of our newest and best selling colors. To see more colors not shown on our site, please visit our Request Samples page.
  10. We don't have the right equipment, we only have HVLP and airless.
    Perfect. That equipment is all you need to apply most of our products. For our Tough finishes, even a small compressor will work. You'll be using very low pressure so it won't require a big investment.
  11. Our painters tell us it can't be touched up, can it?
    ScrubTough touches up like any other eggshell. The Tough finishes can all be touched up by hand (see web). EnviroMetal touches up better and easier than any other metallic finish on the market. Finishes with a clear coat are a bit more involved and sometimes require repainting edge-to-edge.
  12. What kind of warranty does the paint have?
    We warrant the components of our finish systems against manufacturing defect for a period of five years from the date of application when applied to a wall surface according to manufacturer's printed instructions.
  13. What colors are available for each finish?
    There are thousands of colors available for our metallic finishes and an unlimited amount of colors available for everything else.
  14. Where would each finish be suitable?
    Scuffmaster is suitable for any commercial interior space. We have Pretty finishes for high profile feature spaces and architectural details, Tough finishes for high-traffic areas that require extreme durability and ScrubTough for anywhere paint is used.