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Create Custom Colors

Scuffmaster will happily create custom colors for you at no additional charge. Our finishes can be matched to just about anything so fill out our Custom Color Request Form or send us your favorite samples.


4x5 Samples

Pearl, metallic, and textured paints like ours were meant to be touched and held up to the light. That’s why Scuffmaster sends out only real painted samples of our products. It lets you see how light interacts with the actual color and finish and ensures that what you see on the samples matches what you get on the walls.

As you are exploring our colors, add the samples you like to your Saved Samples, select Order 4x5 Samples, and we’ll send them out to you overnight. Easy-peasy.

QuickView Cards

QuickView Cards are a fast and flexible way to add Scuffmaster to your library and your workflow. Got a selection of whites or silvers that you are always specifying? Maybe school colors are your thing? You can even create custom Quickview Cards from your Saved Samples. Get started today!