Colors By Product

Smooth Pearl

Looking for the perfect light-catching pearlescent color? Smooth Pearl cranks up the colors you love with a shimmering pearl effect and crystal clear protective top coat. Perfect for creating sparkling whites, blacks, and everything in between, explore the Smooth Pearl collection and find the perfect color for your next project.

Solid Metal

There are other metallic paints on the market, but none are as vibrant or as durable as Solid Metal. Sold Metal is the only metallic paint specially formulated to meet the demands of high-traffic commercial interiors, that’s probably why it’s also the best selling metallic paint. Get started with Solid Metal today!


Metallics are fun, everyone knows that. But did you know that Scuffmaster makes the only commercial metallic paint that can be brushed and rolled? It’s true. We call it EnviroMetal and since its introduction it has become the go to paint for designers and facilities managers looking for a way to add shimmer and shine to spaces where spraying isn’t and option.

*EnviroMetal Rolled is not for use on ceilings.

Burnished Metallic

Certain spaces just cry out for inviting textures and subtle mixtures of color and sheen. For spaces like these, we created Burnished Metallic, an easy to apply, lightly textured paint that pairs an eggshell basecoat with a dry-brushed metallic topcoat.

And, Burnished Metallic provides for a huge degree of customization. Create your perfect color by selecting your favorite base and paring it with your choice of metallic topcoats.

Ambient Metallic

Beneath Ambient Metallic’s sparkling texture you’ll find an extra-tough, polyurethane formula that creates a surface 10x stronger than typical paints. If you’ve got a high-traffic area or a space that needs to be cleaned regularly, there’s finally a coating that looks great and stands up to the challenge.

Ambient Metallic lets you create one-of-a-kind custom colors. Pick a base color you love and pair it with a metallic pattern coat to create a color all your own!

Ambient Design

Flat paint got you down? Add a bit of texture to your interior with Ambient Design! Ambient Design is a two-part coating: start with a solid color base coat then add a sprayed pattern coat. You can go tone-on-tone or choose the perfect pair of colors. Super fun and extra tough, you’ll be surprised what a little texture can do.


Armor’s unique, textured surface tested at 45x stronger than regular latex paints earning Armor the title of The World’s Toughest Paint. The glossy texture of Armor lends colors a soft, dewy appearance, you’d never know by looking at it that it’s the most durable, cleanable interior paint around.

Take a closer look at Armor and remember, you can get crazy with the customs. Go to our Custom Colors tab and select the base color and texture color of your choice.


The challenge of modern commercial interiors is that they require paints that look great, are extra tough, but also low-emitting. There’s no other interior eggshell paint that meets all three of those lofty goals quite like ScrubTough. 10x stronger than leading interior eggshells, ScrubTough outperforms the competition and goes on smooth all while keeping the VOCs low.

ScrubTough Max

Your Walls. ScrubTough Max. It’s a Perfect Match.

If your high-traffic areas are constantly in need of repainting, switch to ScrubTough Max and discover the difference tough, long lasting paint can make.