Colors By Groups

Whites / Pearls

No one does whites quite like Scuffmaster. We all have our favorite whites, off-whites, and creams. What sets Scuffmaster apart are our sparkling, crystal whites and silky champagne colors. Shimmering and full of life, check out Scuffmaster’s whites and pearls. You'll never see white the same way again.


These colors set the perfect stage for bolder interior elements and create a relaxed sense of place. Warm and cool grays, taupes, beiges and more, play well together and lay a foundation for introducing brighter tones.

Cool Metals

Cool silvers, steely blues, and gunmetal grays glow with an inner light and beauty in Scuffmaster coatings. Our pearl and metallic coatings bring colors to life and add a soothing and sophisticated element to interior spaces.

Warm Metals

Light silver-golds and champagne colors, to true golds, vibrant coppers, and stately bronzes, if you are in need of a warm metallic paint. This collection has what you need.

Vibrant Colors

In need of bright poppy colors? Look no further. Sure, you can find bright colors in most any paint, but what you can’t get is legendary scuff and scratch resistant, except here at Scuffmaster. Bright colors in competing products are especially succeptible to scratching and scuffing. At Scuffmaster, our bright colors, whether it’s eggshell, metallic, or one of our textured coatings, all benefit from our legendary scratch and scuff resistant formula.

Modern Textures

Depth, motion, protection. Apart from their great looks, textured coatings bring a host of qualities to walls and surfaces. Whatever your reasons for selecting a textured paint for your next project (maybe it’s all of them) you’ll find the best options in Scuffmaster.

Trending Colors

See what’s hot at Scuffmaster! We’ll keep you updated on which colors are gaining traction and which colors are flying off the shelves. This is a great peek into what other designers and seeing and loving here at!