The Perfect Paints for Classic Wallcoverings

Lincrusta Paints for Wallcoverings OverViewMore Leading Interior Product Manufacturers Are Choosing Scuffmaster For Wallcoverings!

When the good folks at Lincrusta™- The Ultimate Wallcovering, were looking for a quality primer to lay the right foundation for their renowned line of textured wallcoverings, they found the ideal partner in Scuffmaster. Based in the United Kingdom since 1877, Lincrusta wallcoverings have a deeper emboss and higher relief than other wallcoverings which gives them a distinct, highly sought after look.

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Special wallcoverings like Lincrusta deserve specialty paints and primers like Scuffmaster. And after extensive testing, our Multi-Purpose Primer was selected as the Primer of Choice for Lincrusta installations. It makes perfect sense to pair their exceptionally durable wallcoverings with our exceptionally durable paints. No one builds a stately manor on marsh land, right?

Discriminating architects, designers deserve to have all aspects of a project run well and look as impressive as possible. Our paints and Lincrusta’s unique textured look will undoubtedly make many big impressions. What can they do for your projects and how can they pair with your favorite products? Reach out to your Scuffmaster rep today and find out!

Getting ready to specify paint for your project? Check out our Specifying paints guide here to help you through the process. 

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Introducing The Color of The Year: Merde Caliente!


The warm undercurrents of Merde Caliente calm the spirit and cleanse the soul like the dulcet tones from a Stradivarius while its earthy intensity creates a searing jot of urgency. We see Merde Caliente becoming a large movement in 2016.

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Or something like that.

Each year at about this time, I like to round up the competing Colors of the Year that different brands have released and conduct a side-by-side comparison. Why do I do this? For openers, I don’t have a lot of friends or social engagements that demand my time and attention, and secondly, it’s fun to see the wide range of colors that command such an impressive honorific.

Let’s have a look at a few of 2016’s Colors of the Year…


Plenty to work with there, right? We’d be happy to add another color to this mix. After all, we’ve got a bazillion samples in our collection, we keep an eye on trending colors from several different industries, I love writing pedantic prose about the effects that color can have. But rather than adding to an already disparate mix, I’m more interested in seeing what YOU chose as the Color of the Year. After all, it’s you–the designer, the architect, the property manager, the applicator–that’s in the trenches each day tying your visions together with Just The Right Color. You’re the ones out there selling color through to your clients and seeing its effects as your projects take shape.

That’s why we prefer to celebrate the colors that YOU made famous, not the stuff we think you should use be using. We want to share the colors that YOU labored over and put to use in the real world. We’re grateful for those jobs and we’re thrilled to be a part of them.

With that in mind, we’ve tallied up the numbers from the previous months to find the color that you are loving more than any other. And it is…


This plucky little fella was specified on more jobs than any other Scuffmaster color in the last 12 months.  A lively metallic that perfectly straddles both silver and gold, I can see why it’s so well liked.

Thank you all for making SM8133 our top color of the year. To get a look at all the colors your fellow designers are loving just visit the Trending Colors section of It’ll give you the current pulse on our most sampled and specified colors. We can’t wait to see the next color you send to the top of the charts!

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Tough Paint. Easy Choice.

The advantages of using premium paint in high traffic areas.

By now most of us have accepted that doing things right the first time–even though it costs a bit more initially–saves time and money in the long run. That old chestnut seems particularly suitable when designing and building things, that’s why it’s always been the primary reason we make our paints so tough. Remember, the big expense on any painting project isn’t paint, it’s labor. And if you are always repainting because you went cheap on paint for an active interior, you’re going to get creamed on repainting costs. Use a better paint up front, and the kick marks, bag marks, hand prints, and scuff marks that have the painting crew out every other month, can be wiped right off with simple household cleaners instead.

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There’s another big cost to regular repainting that I wanted to talk about today, the cost to the environment. It’s important remember that more painting means more manufacturing, more travel, more clean-up, more off-gassing, more VOCs. That’s not the direction any of us want to see things go. Better you should use a quality low-emitting coating (there might be one I could recommend) and save money on repaints while saving your corner of the planet.

Take a look at the installation below. This project had been up for just 3 months when we paid a visit. It’s located in a busy, mixed-used building in the heart of Minneapolis’ vibrant North Loop neighborhood. Home to restaurants, shops (maybe even a few shoppes), a salon, and enough upscale lofts to let you know you’re in a properly gentrified neighborhood, this building sees a lot of people traffic. The corridors and common areas of the building provided a great test for Scuffmaster; one side was painted in our freakishly strong Armor finish while the other side was painted with store-bought residential paint. I’m sure both sides looked great when they went up, but after a scant 90 days, the regular paint is looking rough and in desperate need of a costly makeover. Not a great first impression if you’re the building owner attempting offload expensive lofts.

Scuffmaster Armor premium paint at ElseWareHouse

The Armor side of the corridor can take a beating without going to pieces while regular paint highlights the grime, chips, scuffs, and dings. I’m guessing there was a great case to be made for both products at the time they were being specified, but 90 days in, which paint do you think the owners would rather have on all their walls? Get our scrub rating guide below to help you decide which paint is best for the project.

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