Environmentally Friendly Paint: Exploring The Environmental Impact Of Paint Part 3

Environmentally Friendly Paint

using environmentally friendly paint means avoiding removal and disposal

Saving The Earth Part 3

By now you and Mother Earth should be BFFs. You’ve already read (TWICE) about how to save the world with your design projects, and how environmentally friendly paint can play a part! You can read Saving The Earth Part 1 here, and Saving The Earth Part 2 here. Unfortunately STEP3 is the part that no designer wants to think about… the eventual destruction of all your hard work. What happens to all of those products?

Removal and Disposal

wallcovering and other materials fill up landfills

What happens to all that gorgeous wallcovering that you paid $3 a square foot for? Or all that beautiful tile that you made absolutely sure the contractor installed it JUST the way you wanted it? We know, sometimes those materials are required and you have to use them, but make sure you consider the eventual outcome of said products before you put the final spec in for them.

environmentally friendly paint has little to no waste

On the other hand, paint has VERY little waste. Waterbased paint (made with water…) isn’t harmful to the environment and can be easily recycled into new paint without creating waste. You don’t have to spend time and money chipping old paint off your walls (can you even imagine doing such a thing?) to send to a landfill, you just paint over it! Could it get any easier?

Where Are We Going With This?

many products end up in landfills

What are you actively doing to make sure your designs aren’t creating waste and adding to landfills? If you’re not considering this, just picture all of your products used on your project headed to a landfill (harsh, but you get the idea). All of that hard work ends up significantly harming the environment if it’s all just going to be thrown away in a matter of years for a remodel or design update.

We don’t mean to be harsh or lecture… but it’s an important thing to consider when working on a new project. If you can’t avoid it, simply move on and try to help out the environment in other ways!

Designing With Mother Earth In Mind

Starting new projects can be overwhelming and today you have an almost unlimited amount of products you can choose from. We know how stressful it can be to find the perfect products for all of your spaces. However, we can’t stress enough the importance of designing with the environment in mind. With LEED credits on the line, today’s new designs are already greener than ever, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work even harder to protect this planet. Environmentally friendly paint can do a lot to help projects stay on budget, look fantastic, update old surfaces, and put a smile on Mother Earth’s face.