Scuffmaster ®

Pretty. Tough. Paint. ™

Image of Scuffmaster brand identity
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  • image of Ambient Design - AD9171
  • image of Armor - AR9623
  • image of Scrub Tough - ST9131
  • image of Smooth Pearl - SP9254
  • image of Solid Metal - SM808
  • image of Envirometal - PD064
  • image of Ambient Metallic - OA055
  • image of Burnished Metallic - BR004

We're inspired by the world around us.
That's why we're so driven to protect it.

All Scuffmaster coatings are Earth friendly, design friendly and they're the most durable finishes in their class. After all, your designs can stand the test of time, shouldn't your paint? Explore the entire Scuffmaster line today and imagine the possibilities for your next project.